Nature Trail

It was the idea of Catherine Maher (the writer I worked with on my first short “White Christmas”) to make another short together. She secured funding from a dog food company (!) and wrote a horror/comedy script which carried a “Pick up your dog’s poo” message, in keeping with our sponsor’s message. We shot the film on location in Shropshire, with a brilliant team of actors led by John Aston and Julia Grey (each playing two characters), and introducing Jack Purkis and John Lewis. It was a lot of fun. We ended up making two versions of the film- producer’s and director’s cuts… Catherine’s film was the version delivered to the sponsors, whereas mine was more of a festival cut. It’s interesting to see how different the films are, considering both are using the same rushes. Anyway, it’s an odd one, but lots of fun was had by all…! Oh and a mention must go to the beautiful cinematography of Phil Moreton.

Nature Trail

May 2013

Director, Producer, Editor.